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Economic Security

  • Safe Workplace Conditions

  • Living Wages

  • Secure Scheduling 

  • Affordable Childcare



  • Update the Prototypical School Funding Model

  • Increase support for Early Learning

  • Additional support for Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

  • Decrease disparities in graduation and discipline rates for students of color



  • Support for the Housing Trust Fund to build affordable housing

  • Funding for Permanent Supportive Housing

  • Reduce the barriers for shelters



  • Accessible and affordable healthcare for all 

  • Pandemic preparation

  • Ensure equitable funding for rural healthcare systems

  • Support frontline healthcare workers



  • Support a science-based approach for combating climate change and raise the bar for progress and job growth

  • Support Clean Fuel Standards

  • Advocate for environmental justice in underrepresented communities

  • Support clean water and healthy forests

  • Support Clean Air Authority



  • Reliable, accessible and affordable transportation is critical to economic and educational success

  • Invest in transportation to create living wage jobs, allow workers to access economic opportunity outside of their community and improve students access to educational programs and apprenticeships

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