I will be an accessibletransparent and collaborative leader that will treat students as individual learners with individual needs. Parent inclusion, teacher professional development and community engagement are fundamental to helping students become college and career ready. I stand ready to collaborate with each group to reach our shared goal of providing a high quality education for every student in the Everett school district.  
Everett School District: 
Challenges and Opportunities
Equity in Educational Excellence

I will promote safe learning environments that foster educational excellence. 

All schools in the district must have equity in program offerings. District and OSPI data can help us identify gaps in achievement and discipline and highlight additional ways to allow students to demonstrate improvement. By using data we will know what works and do what works. 

On-time graduation rates are only part of the education story. We must celebrate success while supporting improvements.

Equity must be a lens through which all programs and policies are seen. I will make equity work a priority for the district. 


Equity work must be collaborative. I will work to expand the collaborative community work that the district is already engaged in.


April Berg

Growth Challenges

The Everett school district is growing and must create a plan that allows for all students to attain educational excellence. Overcrowded schools and inconsistent access to educational resources must end. The north, central and southern areas of the Everett School District must come together as One for the educational success of all students and the enrichment of our community. I will work as a member of the Everett school board to explore options to support growth.


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